Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Healthy Start

In my research, I read that a high protein, low carb diet, no food dyes, and with thirty minutes or more of cardio exercise a day will help with ADD. With the start of school, I have done this now for two days. Homework hasn't started yet - so the jury is still "out" on how it will work. I have been really amazed at how compliant Natalie has been. Day one - her siblings had cinnamon cake, she had eggs and cantaloupe. Day two - siblings had Eggo waffles - she had eggs and a smoothie. For lunch she has had fresh fruit and a protein bar. (OK - I also packed a couple of cookies) She has gotten up early to go bike riding both days. I'll keep you posted on how well it works :)


  1. Hi Christine,

    I found this site after spending hours looking at your design blog. Very, very helpful as I decorate my home. My oldest son is dyslexic as well. We moved from Arizona to Texas when he entered the second grade. It was a huge blessing! The schools here tested him and put him in a program where they work with him daily with about 5 other kids for about 45 minutes. It is a teacher who is certified in Alphaphonics and has special training in teaching kids with Dyslexia. After three years in the program, he was tested out. Now he is entering 6th grade, his grades are outstanding and so is his reading. No one can tell that he has dyslexia. With this disability I have noticed many strengths that has helped. Good luck with your daughter.

  2. Evewrything I hear about Texas is great- I should move there! (except I heard you had large spiders...)